A bunch of ... ..

Guys & Girls

Digital start ups are our world since many years. We like to think outside the box and have fun with our fellow enterpreneurs following our dreams. Our goal is to build success with culture. We are always happy to meet like-minded people and let them join our network.

Integrity - Honesty - Performance - Passion

It is a pleasure to feel the drive and passion of our whole community throughout the years.
Do you want to disrupt the digital world with us?

Next step, Dragon!

Many of our ideas failed, many risks have been taken, many journeys have been walked.

But here we are..

still standing strong..

facing the inevitable result;

Our Values

A venture lab founded by enterpreneurs


We practice being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.


We strive to overperform the market and conduct actions agile and efficient. We certainly believe in 'makers' and NOT 'talkers'.


Our promise is to be trustworthy, loyal and fair. Surely not always sincere but never lying or cheating.


Everyone can be passionate about work once the intense enthusiasm and excitement for what you do is released from the 'dantiem'. Follow your dreams!

.. Yes!!!