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An enterpreneurs life

Many entrepreneurs are struggling to select a matching service provider, building momentum to fundraise and finding enough time to improve the core business.

Who can be trusted?
What pricing is fair?
How to split the budget?
What goals to set and how to execute them?

Many questions arise while building a new venture and much administrative overhead can be created for the founding team. This is where we can help and free your schedule so you can focus on your core competences to increase traction of your startup and start moving towards your vision.

Our Mission

Dragonlabz is supporting entrepreneurs to create successfull ventures out of ideas.

The prequalification of service partners and strategic consulting helps startups to achieve their goals on time and managing their budget effectively without paying to learn what other already know.

Advice from Enterpreneurs

We connect you to experienced enterpreneurs, mentors and consultants and help you to build a exectuable strategy for your idea.

Best Service Providers

We are in contact with dozens of high quality service providers who know their job and offer fair pricings for start ups.

Investment Network

After you built the needed requisites for your stage we connect you with investment opportunities suiting your journey.

What we do for you

Get connected to the best experts

Free Intake

We offer you a free intake call with one of our experts to assess your start-up idea and define next steps on your roadmap.

Point of Contact

We are always here to help. Whenever you hit a brick we fix it together and move beyond all obstacles.

Fair Offerings

We make sure you talk to the right people and receive the outmost best service for your project.

Remove Overhead

When working within our network you reduce administrative overhead and have spare time to focus on your main tasks as founder.


We help you to work with the right people

  • 1

    Free Intake

    We speak together in a call and get to know your start-up, needs and goals.

  • 2

    Core Business

    While you focus on the core business we introduce the right partners to execute the project.

  • 3

    Level Up

    By reducing the overhead with service partners you have more time to focus on your duties as a founding team and level up to the next stage.

  • 4

    Ultimate Success

    Take advantage of the created momentum and conquer the world as a dragon start up.

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