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Code name · Food Brainer

Machine learning powered Foodtech with mind-blowing capabilities to take your health to another level

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Diets, nutritions, health issues, vitamins, complexity of proper products management in regards to what you eat, certain deficiencies in blood, machine learning, artificial intelligence, consumer oriented app, mobile experience, b2c app, subscription based revenue, huge addressable and obtainable markets, and many more. All of those things are merged in the application we are working on .

Code name · Freeroll

B2B2C web3 solution for fair and provable rewards distribution

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Most of the crypto projects are penetrating the industry and promoting their activities through distribution of crypto-assets rewards against social media interaction with posts and statements. Communities are being built with no security over whats promised in exchange of participation. We are aiming to deliver industry standard solution which will build the trust in all parties.

Code name · Woof

B2C Revolution in the Pet insurance within the nordics

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Pet insurance mobile application solving the hustle of all parties involved in the process - pets, owners, clinics, insurance providers, payment providers. Complex symbiotic merge of mobile application and web portal - facilitating the communication between parties involved for seamless onboarding and direct communication.

Code name · SEO intel

SEO AI tool, analysing every possible data point and building analytical optimisation paths to apply

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Utilising the naturally generated historical statistic data in combination with synthetically generated predictive data - this tool is solving the search engine optimisation in all layers for any client. Built on top of consumer behaviour analyses AI algorithms - SEO intel - revolutionises an industry, which is dominated by manual work, done on top of search engine algorithms.


What is a venture studio?

A venture studio is an established organization that launches numerous startups. It is a new concept of a business that builds companies either directly from ideas developed internally by the studio or in collaboration with skilled entrepreneurs with an existing project.

How are venture studios different from incubators?

Incubators are meant for entrepreneurs who already have a business concept but require assistance in launching it. They often provide access to funds and expertise, without a custom business strategy. In contrast, venture studios provide founders with all of the expertise that they need to build a successful company. They focus all their resources on developing every aspect of a startup from the ground up.

Where is Dragonlabz based?

We are locally based in Switzerland, Israel and Bulgaria, with more team members spread across the globe. If you have an idea that you want to bring to life, connect with us!

What kind of startups does Dragonlabz support?

We’ve helped founders and companies across industries such as fintech, digital media, gaming and blockchain. We offer the people we work with our personal expertise and industry knowledge. We are currently focused on WEB3, Artificial Intelligence and gaming. However, if you have an idea based outside of our key industries do not hesitate to reach out. We are always on the lookout for new perspectives/the next big thing!

What happens after I apply with my startup?

Once we evaluate and decide to accelerate your idea we will organize a meeting and develop a business strategy around it. With the help of our team of experts, we will launch your company and deliver value to the market. When the startup has been established in the market and is positioned right, it’s time for the core team to recruit a new founding team.

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